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#MusicMonday FEATURE!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into cookie cutter artists or music with no depth and messages that are let’s be frank…. inappropriate. Music to me is an outlet. Therapeutic if you will. I’m drawn to artists/bands that take their music to another level, music that sends a message. I believe if music doesn’t penetrate to the depths of your soul and make you feel something, it’s just noise.

I am overjoyed to introduce you all to my #MusicMonday FEATURE of an amazing band called Arrows To Athens. The band is formed by former Evanescence member/Grammy award winning songwriter, David Hodges & Steve Miller. Their first CD “Kings & Thieves ” was released under ℗ 2011 Sleepwalker Records on October 11, 2011. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both of these gentlemen and I count it a blessing. I’m pleased to say that song after song, I never want to hit the FWD button. You know those albums you buy that has only one or two songs you really like? Well, this album is bound to give you so much more than two great songs. You’ll find links below where you can purchase this album online.

I was first introduced to Arrows To Athens by a gentleman named Andrew Cook via twitter no less. It just goes to show that it’s important to share music that touches you with other people. You just never know who needs to hear it.

So many of what I like to call “Real artists”, don’t get heard because they are not on mainstream radio. That’s why I frequently listen to an online radio station called Wise Radio on LIVE 365. You should check them out and follow them on twitter @WISE_RADIO. In this era it seems that record labels dictate to us what “good music” is. What a shame. Remember, word of mouth is key in getting these amazing artists recognized for the melodic masterpieces they create. For this reason I am committed to featuring “Real Artists” that have touched my life in some way. I’m no professional in the industry that’s for sure, rather a consumer who chooses to support and promote artist who deserve to be heard. Feel free to share music that touches you “right there”. I’ll give it a listen!

Arrows To Athens is super excited that their song “Alive” is being used in Part 1 of Stephen King’s A&E series, Bag Of Bones. Check out the show if you get a chance and help spread the word!

Follow ARROWS TO ATHENS on Twitter @ArrowsToAthens or Facebook

Here are the lyrics to “Alive” by Arrows To Athens and you can click the player above to listen to the song in its entirety.

There are clouds on the horizon

So take a breath here in the calm before the storm

If only for a moment

Close your eyes and feel the thunder

We can’t hide or run for cover anymore

It’s time to take a stand together

So hold on

’cause the tide is strong

But it can’t erase the fire in our eyes

Let the walls break

What we have they cannot take

And if all that’s left is you and me tonight

Then they won’t take us alive

As we dream about tomorrow

Know that hope will always come to those in need

The best of us is left after

The storm has shown its anger

And the skies have tried to bring us to our knees

We are standing we’re still standing

Before the waves are over our heads

Over our heads

Don’t be afraid we’ll make it through this

Make it through this 

PURCHASE or preview “Kings & Thieves” from any of these sources!





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News from Idol Chatter: “Lee DeWyze discusses timetable for his next album” (Live Chat Recap)


“He said he’s been doing a lot of time writing and wants to turn out a second post-Idol album that’s emotionally-driven and captures some of the raw sound from his live performances.”~From Idol Chatter

Read te article at Idol Chatter HERE or click below to link to site:

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